Research Publications

Core Research of the team:

  • Shalini, K., V. C. Padmanaban, T. Aswani, and S. Mariaamalraj. "Recent advancement in microbial remediation of heavy metals from industrial effluents." Clean Technologies Toward a Sustainable Future (2024): 93.
  • Ramesh, Kheerthana, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, and Baranidharan Sundaram. "Transport of layered and spherical microplastics in aqueous ecosystems: a review." Environmental Chemistry Letters (2024): 1-35.
  • Gaidhani, Prerna Mahesh, Swastik Chakraborty, Kheerthana Ramesh, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, and Eric D. van Hullebusch. "Molecular interactions of paraben family of pollutants with embryonic neuronal proteins of Danio rerio: A step ahead in computational toxicity towards adverse outcome pathway.Chemosphere (2024): 141155.
  • Shalini, K., V. C. Padmanaban, T. Aswani, and S. Mariaamalraj. "Recent advancement in microbial remediation of heavy metals from industrial effluents." Clean Technologies Toward a Sustainable Future (2023): 93.
  • James, Anina, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "Recent advances in the Development of Sustainable Composite Materials used as Membranes in Microbial Fuel Cells." The Chemical Record (2023): e202300227.
  • Ramireddy, Venkata Sai Reddy, Rakshitha Kurakula, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, Anina James, and Eric D. van Hullebusch. "Systematic computational toxicity analysis of the ozonolytic degraded compounds of azo dyes: Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) and adverse outcome pathway (AOP) based approach." Environmental Research 231 (2023): 116142.
  • Surendran, U., M. Jayakumar, P. Raja, Girish Gopinath, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "Microplastics in terrestrial ecosystem: Sources and migration in soil environment." Chemosphere (2023): 137946. 
  • Senthilkumar, Abiramasundari, Madhubala Ganeshbabu, Jesintha Karuppiah Lazarus, Shalini Sevugarathinam, Juliana John, Senthil Kumar Ponnusamy, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*, and Mika Sillanpää. "Thermal and Radiation Based Catalytic Activation of Persulfate Systems in the Removal of Micropollutants: A Review." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2022). (Invited Review)
  • John, Juliana, R. Gandhimathi, Mika Sillanpää, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Fe3O4-functionalised biochar for persulphate systems towards the removal of Remazol Brilliant Orange 3R: machine learning–based approach and toxicity analysis." Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (2022): 1-16.
  • Rajendran, Harish Kumar, Mohammed Askkar Deen Fakrudeen, Ragavan Chandrasekar, Siara Silvestri, Mika Sillanpää, and Velayudhaperumal Chellam Padmanaban*. "A comprehensive review on analytical and equation derived multivariate chemometrics for the accurate interpretation of the degradation of aqueous contaminants." Environmental Technology & Innovation (2022): 102827.
  • Kumaran, Akash, Roopal Vashishth, Siya Singh, U. Surendran, Anina James, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Biosensors for detection of organophosphate pesticides: Current technologies and future directives." Microchemical Journal (2022): 107420.
  • John, Juliana, Frederic Coulon, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Detection and treatment strategies of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): Fate of PFAS through DPSIR framework analysis." Journal of Water Process Engineering 45 (2022): 102463.
  • Madhubala, G., S. Abiramasundari, Nelson Pynadathu Rumjit, V. C. Padmanaban*, and Chin Wei Lai. "Nano-driven processes toward the treatment of paper and pulp industrial effluent: from the view of resource recovery and circular economy." Nanotechnology in Paper and Wood Engineering (2022): 471-492.
  • Mertah, Oumaima, Anina James, Masoumeh Zargar, Sushma Chauhan, Abdelhak Kherbeche, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Multifunctional Composite Aerogels—As Micropollutant Scavengers." Inorganic-Organic Composites for Water and Wastewater Treatment (2022): 229-266.
  • Juliana, J., K. L. Jesintha, S. Mariaamalraj, V. C. Padmanaban*, A. R. Neelakandan, and G. K. Rajanikant. "Biopolymers as a Sustainable Approach for Wastewater Treatment." In Sustainable Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment, pp. 259-274. CRC Press, 2021.
  • Othmani, Amina, Juliana John, Harishkumar Rajendran, Abdeldjallil Mansouri, Mika Sillanpää, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Biochar and activated carbon derivatives of lignocellulosic fibers towards adsorptive removal of pollutants from aqueous systems: Critical study and future insight." Separation and Purification Technology 274 (2021): 119062.
  • John, Juliana, A. R. Nandhini, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*, and Mika Sillanpää. "Microplastics in mangroves and coral reef ecosystems: a review." Environmental Chemistry Letters (2021): 1-20.
  • Rajendran, Harish Kumar, Mohammed Askkar Deen Fakrudeen, Ragavan Chandrasekar, Eric D. van Hullebusch, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Electrocatalytic removal of fluroquinolones from simulated pharmaceutical effluent: Chemometric analysis, chemical blueprint of electrodes and generated sludge." Environmental Research 195 (2021): 110844.
  • Nagendran, Maheswari, Juliana John, Kavithakani Annamalai, Muthu Iswarya Gandhi Sethuraman, Nirkayani Balamurugan, Harish Kumar Rajendran, Mohammed Askkar Deen Fakrudeen, Ragavan Chandrasekar, Shivendu Ranjan, and Velayudhaperumal Chellam Padmanaban*. "Can human overcome viral hijack-? Comprehensive review on COVID-19 in the view of diagnosis and mitigation across countries." Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (2020): 102120.
  • Balamurugan, Nirkayani, Kavithakani Annamalai, Muthu Iswarya Gandhi Sethuraman, V. N. Vasudevan, Anant Achary, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Chemometric approach towards optimization on the radiolytic removal of micropollutants: Equation based modelling with canonical and ridge analysis." Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 208 (2021): 104222.
  • John, Juliana, KK Surendranathan Kaimal, Matthew L. Smith, Pattanathu KSM Rahman, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Advances in upstream and downstream strategies of pectinase bioprocessing: A review." International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 162 (2020): 1086-1099.
  • Alagesan, Jaanavee, MecghaSri Jaisankar, Sindhu Muthuramalingam, Emmanuel Mousset, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Influence of number of azo bonds and mass transport limitations towards the elimination capacity of continuous electrochemical process for the removal of textile industrial dyes." Chemosphere 262 (2021): 128381.
  •  Muniyasamy, Abaranjitha, Gayathri Sivaporul, Abarna Gopinath, Rajendran Lakshmanan, Ali Altaee, Anant Achary, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Process development for the degradation of textile azo dyes (mono-, di-, poly-) by advanced oxidation process-Ozonation: Experimental & partial derivative modelling approach." Journal of environmental management 265 (2020): 110397.
  • N.Maheswari, G.JananiSree, G.Madhangi Priyadharshini, Bin Li, Vaishakh Nair, V.C.Padmanaban* "Translational Approach on Modification of Functional Properties of Nano Porous Membranes for The Desalination of Water and its Future Prospects" "Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World" - Nanotechnology for Clean Water., Springer 2020, Book Chapter.
  • Muniyasamy, Abaranjitha, Gayathri Sivaporul, Abarna Gopinath, Juliana John, Anant Achary, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam*. "Fractional factorial design modelling on degradation of Direct Red 81 dye by advanced oxidation process–ozonation: reaction kinetics." Water Science and Technology 80, no. 11 (2019): 2037-2046.
  • Iswarya, GS Muthu, B. Nirkayani, A. Kavithakani, and V. C. Padmanaban*. "Statistical modeling of radiolytic (60 Co γ) degradation of Ofloxacin, antibiotic: Synergetic effect, kinetic studies & assessment of its degraded metabolites." Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 13, no. 3 (2019): 1-15.
  • Padmanaban, V C., N. Selvaraju, V. Vasudevan, and Anant Achary. "Radiolytic degradation of reactive textile dyes by ionizing high energy (γ-Co60) radiation: artificial neural network modelling." Desalination and Water Treatment 131 (2018): 343-350.
  • R. K, Karthikeyan, Sentamil Selvan M, Mithilesh K. Rai, Madhangi Priyadharshini, Padmanaban V. C*, and R. S. Singh. "Removal of Reactive Orange 16 by adsorption onto activated carbon prepared from rice husk ash: statistical modelling and adsorption kinetics." Separation Science and Technology 55, no. 1 (2020): 26-34.
  • Padmanaban, V. C., N. Selvaraju, V. N. Vasudevan, and Anant Achary. "Augmented radiolytic (60 Co γ) degradation of direct red 80 (Polyazo dye): Optimization, reaction kinetics & G-value interpretation." Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 125, no. 1 (2018): 433-447.
  • N. Maheswari, G. Madhangi Priyadharshini, G. JananiSree and V.C.Padmanaban*, “Review On Bio-Beds: Cost Effective Design For The Removal Of Pesticides”, Everyman’s Science, 2017, Volume 52 (4), 252-255.
  • V.C.Padmanaban, Sachin RameshRao Geed, Anant Achary, R.S.Singh, “Kinetic Studies on Degradation of Reactive Red 120 dye in Immobilized Packed Bed Reactor by Bacillus cohnii RAPT1”, Bioresource Technology, Volume 213, August 2016, pages 39–43.
  • Padmanaban, V. C., M. S. Giri Nandagopal, Anant Achary, V. N. Vasudevan, and N. Selvaraju. "Optimisation of radiolysis of Reactive Red 120 dye in aqueous solution using ionising 60Co gamma radiation by response surface methodology." Water Science and Technology 73, no. 12 (2016): 3041-3048.
  • V.C.Padmanaban, Giri Nandagopal M S, G. Madhangi Priyadharshini, N. Maheswari, G. Janani Sree, N Selvaraju, “Advanced approach for degradation of recalcitrant by nanophotocatalysis using nanocomposites and their future perspectives”, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, June 2016, Volume 13, Issue 6, pp 1591–1606.
  • Padmanaban.V.C, Soumya S Prakash., Sheril Das., John Paul K Jacob., Kishore Nelliparambil., (2013) “Biodegradation of Anthraquinone based compounds: Review”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology (IJARET), Vol(4)4, 74-83.
  • S.Subhapriya., Linto Tomi., V.C.Padmanaban*.,(2013) “Atherosclerosis:Critical Role of Oxidation and Inflammation”, International Journal Of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol(5)4,6-8.
  • Padmanaban V.C., Sandra Jose., Catherine Rapheal., (2013) “Reactor Systems for the Degradation of Textile Dyes”, International Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol (3), 1868-1873.

Contributing author – Colloborations through expertise of the team:

  • Malakar, Chaiki, Vipin Kumar Tripathi, Kishore Debnath, Jawahar Paulraj, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "Agro-based kenaf/bamboo/polylactic acid (KBP) hybrid composites for the structural roofing applications: statistical evaluation of physical and mechanical properties." Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (2024): 1-18.
  • James, Anina, Eldon R. Rene, Abubakar M. Bilyaminu, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "Advances in amelioration of air pollution using plants and associated microbes: An outlook on phytoremediation and other plant-based technologies." Chemosphere (2024): 142182.
  • Surendran, U., M. Jayakumar, P. Raja, Girish Gopinath, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "Microplastics in terrestrial ecosystem: Sources and migration in soil environment." Chemosphere (2023): 137946.
  • Siara, Silvestri, Carissimi Elvis, Rajendran Harishkumar, and Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam. "ZnAl2O4 supported on lychee-biochar applied to ibuprofen photodegradation." Materials Research Bulletin 145 (2022): 111530.
  • Shahi, Amrita, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, Ankur Verma, and R. S. Singh. "A comparative study on the performance of microbial fuel cell for the treatment of reactive orange 16 dye using mixed and pure bacterial species and its optimization using response surface methodology." Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 48 (2021): 101667.
  • Gurukarthik Babu, B., D. Princewinston, V. C. Padmanaban, G. Abdul Lathief Sherief, M. Kiruba Sankar, and P. V. Aravind Bhaskar. "Optimization studies on improving the dielectric properties of alkali treated fibers from phaseolus vulgaris reinforced polyester composites by central composite design." Journal of Natural Fibers (2021): 1-11.
  • Othmani, Amina, Sara Magdouli, P. Senthil Kumar, Ashish Kapoor, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, and Ömür Gökkuş. "Agricultural waste materials for adsorptive removal of phenols, chromium (VI) and cadmium (II) from wastewater: A review." Environmental Research (2021): 111916.
  • Balachandran, Gurukarthik Babu, Prince Winston David, Anandha Balaji Alexander, Muthu Manokar Athikesavan, Padmanaban Velayudha perumal Chellam, Krishna Kumar Sasi Kumar, Vinothkumar Palanichamy, Ravishankar Sathyamurthy, and Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez. "A relative study on energy and exergy analysis between conventional single slope and novel stepped absorbable plate solar stills." Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2021): 1-17.
  • Rumjit, Nelson Pynadathu, Nurul Asma Samsudin, Foo Wah Low, Paul Thomas, Chin Wei Lai, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, Mohd Rafie Bin Johan, Ying-Chin Lim, Nowshad Amin, and Sieh Kiong Tiong. "Kinetic and isotherm studies on adsorptive removal of sulfates by cotton shell derived biochar: Recovery of sulfates from marcasite soil." Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy 20 (2021): 100361.
  • Shahi, Amrita, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, Ram Sharan Singh, and Ankur Verma. "Biodegradation of reactive red 120 in microbial fuel cell by Staphylococcus equoruma RAP2: Statistical modelling and process optimization." Journal of Water Process Engineering 40 (2021): 101913.
  • Muthulakshmi, L., J. B. Mathangi, R. P. Suryasankar, V. C. Padmanaban, M. Helen Kalavathy, M. R. Sanjay, and Suchart Siengchin. "Extraction of Polymeric Bioflocculant from Enterobacter sp. and Adsorptive Kinetic Studies on Industrial Dye Removal Applications." Journal of Polymers and the Environment 29, no. 4 (2021): 1040-1049.
  • Balachandran, Gurukarthik Babu, Prince Winston David, Padmanaban Velayudhaperumal Chellam, Mohamed Nasrulla Akbar Ali, Vignesh Radhakrishnan, Ramkumar Balamurugan, and A. Muthu Manokar. "Rehash of cooked oil for the palatable water production using single slope solar still." Fuel 271 (2020): 117613.
  • Shahnaz, Tasrin, S. Mohamed Madhar Fazil, V.C.Padmanaban, and Selvaraju Narayanasamy. "Surface modification of nanocellulose using polypyrrole for the adsorptive removal of Congo red dye and chromium in binary mixture." International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (2020) (Accepted For Publication) (Impact Factor: 4.784).
  • Yadav, Sudesh, Ibrar Ibrar, Salam Bakly, Daoud Khanafer, Ali Altaee, V. C. Padmanaban, Akshaya Kumar Samal, and Alaa H. Hawari. "Organic Fouling in Forward Osmosis: A Comprehensive Review." Water 12, no. 5 (2020): 1505.
  • Durai, N. Jegan, G. V. T. Gopalakrishna, V. C. Padmanaban, and N. Selvaraju. "Oxidative removal of stabilized landfill leachate by Fenton's process: process modeling, optimization & analysis of degraded products." RSC Advances 10, no. 7 (2020): 3916-3925.
  • Karthik, V., N. Sivarajasekar, V. C. Padmanaban, E. Nakkeeran, and N. Selvaraju. "Biosorption of xenobiotic Reactive Black B onto metabolically inactive T. harzianum biomass: optimization and equilibrium studies." International journal of environmental science and technology 16, no. 7 (2019): 3625-3636.

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