About WATER Research Group - WRG

The WRG - (Waste from Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment towards Resource recovery) aims to develop processes for treating industrial wastes from the lab scale to the industrial scale, further focusing on producing value-added products from industrial and domestic waste. The group is passionate about developing a sustainable solution for water pollution, moving towards a circular economy. The research expertise of the group are in the Design of Experiments (DoE) for various water treatment processes including Bioprocess Engineering, Bioremediation, Advanced Oxidation/Reduction Process and Ecotoxicological studies. We work with national and international partners from various institutes and research centres on water pollution-related issues and resource management.

V C Padmanaban

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, 
National Institute of Technology Agartala,
Jirania, Tripura - 799046, India.

Email: vcpadmanaban88@gmail.com; padmanaban@nita.ac.in

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